That’s the spirit

I am a huge Bring Me The Horizon fan, have been for years! They’re one of my favourite bands of all time, I never miss an opportunity to see them live,  it’s always a great show. I love seeing how much they have progressed and grown over the years, it’s very telling. They have been one of my few favourite bands who, when they bring out new material, they just seem to get better. Their sound and style changes as they grow and experiment, and it works, none of their albums are exactly the same, they all have a distinct sound and energy, and that’s what I love. Makes me proud of them you know? They don’t have a bad album in my eyes.

So imagine the excitement over the last couple of weeks of all the confusing riddles, puzzles and teasers over new material. The infamous umbrella that popped up everywhere. HYPE.

Then I heard Happy Song for the first time. Now I will admit, I was a little taken aback, it was not what I expected and I wasn’t quite sure if I liked it. It was kinda more poppier, or radio friendly some would say. In my mind I was hoping for more stuff like Drown, even though it’s a relatively new song it is actually one of my favourites. Anyway this was different, but different is not bad, you know? I gave it a few more listens and it has grown on me, it’s very catchy! Today we got to hear Throne. I tuned in at around half 7 to BBC Radio 1 to listen with the world for the first time. I really liked it! I prefer it to Happy Song 🙈  it reminds me of a few songs of Sempiternal (fantastic album) but I enjoyed it! And then I got really excited for the new album. I’ve preordered it already 🙈 I did the same for Sempiternal last time too, I actually think I’ve only ever preordered albums from BMTH 😂

Anyway, once again their sound is different, but I think it’s great. You don’t want numerous albums that sound relatively the same, it’s gets boring, repetitive. People say ‘they miss the old stuff, go back to that’, but if they did too much of that over and over again I bet the same people would be sick of it, and moan for something different. While I do miss the heavier BMTH, I’m not gonna complain about it, because people, bands, music grows and changes. And I’m enjoying the new stuff, and can’t wait to hear more, they are not a band that dissapoint. I am so pleased with how well they’re doing, and of course I am waiting to see them again. 😊👌


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