Post illness piercings

Yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks I began to feel like my normal self again! Good sign, means my infection is finally wearing off and I’m so glad honestly, don’t know how much longer I would have been able to cope! So, like always, I decided it was the perfect time to get a new piercing πŸ˜‚ I got my medusa pierced and I love it 😍 I think I’d say this one hurt the most. I don’t have a problem getting pierced, there’s only like a second of pain and it’s fine. I have my scaffold, lip, and nose pierced, my anti-eyebrow pierced in the past (it fell out, I was gutted it was my favourite!) but out of them all this one hurt the most and bled the most. Seriously I was spewing blood, think I startled the piercer πŸ˜‚ It’s fine now, there’s just swelling which is perfectly normal. I love it 😊 this is from yesterday when I first got it done. 



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