Thoughts on Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

*spoiler alert*
I have just finished Gone Girl, I got through it surprisingly fast actually, it was very hard to put down – the sign of a great book!

The novel starts off with the protagonist, Nick Dunne thinking about his wife Amy and flash backing back to when they had both moved into their new house, to his twin sister Margo, (or more commonly referred to as Go) and their mother dying of cancer. It’s a pretty bleak start. Then it switches to diary entries written by Amy. In Nick’s chapters we find out how broken their marriage is, hating everything about their relationship and feeling sick at the thought of his wife. Then it’s Amy’s turn, diary entries from previous years back, and it’s the complete opposite. Contrasting to Nick, Amy’s voice lightens the mood of the book so far, she’s humorous, and like a young girl, so excited about love and is so cheesy when she finds it. In my mind I am thinking, is she for real? I don’t know if it’s just me but I hated those cheesy diariy entries!

Right from the start I had my suspicions that Amy had run off somewhere and was framing her husband of murder, I just knew it. I know Nick isn’t the most likeable character from the mistakes he’s made in his marriage, but I like him, and I also like him a hell of lot more than I do Amy, I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character in a novel so much! Seriously, the girl is an outright psychopath, and she’s so damn good at playing the game. When she blames Nick, saying he ‘stopped trying’ in their relationship, I am reeling. Here is this woman, who openly admits that she was putting on an act, pretending to be something she’s not, the ‘perfect girlfriend’ she thinks Nick would like, and then when she stops pretending and is her true self – of course your partner is going to fall out of love.

Gone Girl was interesting from start to finish and I was hooked the whole of the way. Just when you thought you had a theory figured out, a new piece of evidence or a clue was thrown out, the set up for murder was so perfectly planned, so intricate yet unnerving, it left you hungry for more. Every last word was gripping, with each piece of the puzzle carefully being unravelled, just like Amy planned for Nick in her own set up for murder. It was a fantastic read and I would definitely recommend if you haven’t read it yet, I know I’m a bit late to the Gone Girl party (forgive me!) but I would say it is hands down in the top ten books I have ever read. Gillian Flynn is a brilliant writer and I will definitely be checking out her other books!


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