Anxiety · Illness

Medicated and Mighty

Just read this article, I think this is an amazing and brave step to make, and I fully agree. I have been tried to be talked out of using antidepressants, the person couldn’t see that it would in the long term help me. They thought they were wrong, a terrible drug, and said he doesn’t know how they’re legal, nobody should take them. I’ve been on them in the past with no problems, but recently have gone through quite an extreme and serious bout of depression. I was put on new medication, and my dosage had to be upped because I was seemingly becoming more depressed. Whilst I did go through some pretty crappy side effects, resulting in me being bed bound for a month, the medication is finally starting to work and I feel so much better. I feel happier, I’ve started back at uni, and unlike before when I dreaded leaving the house and attending lectures, I’m now really enjoying them, which is crazy. Without medication, I very easily could not have been here today, writing and sharing this post with you guys. I too hate the stigma that surrounds mental health, I want to end it. #medicationismighty


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