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So today I finished reading Lucky, by Alice Sebold. Considering I only started it two days ago, I sped through it like a bat outta hell; I could not put it down.
For those that don’t know, Lucky is a memoir, and Sebold takes us through the story of when at just eighteen years old, she was brutally beaten up and raped near her university/college campus.
And it gets straight to the point, the first page begins, ‘in the tunnel where I was raped…’, already it makes your heart beat just that little bit faster, your body tenses up. This was pretty much my composure for the rest of the book; she takes you on an intense, heart-breaking journey through her whole ordeal. I welled up reading it, it is such a traumatic experience to tell, yet it was so gripping that I could not look away or stop reading.

One issue that surrounds her is the fact that people don’t know what to do, say or act around a rape victim. Even her own family don’t know how to ‘deal’ with her, and I cannot imagine how hard this must have been for her. The parts where she is being interrogated in court were what I most related to, having currently dealing being involved in a court case myself – I understood to an extent some of her feelings during this time, and admire how strong she was in these moments. She is truly inspiring. I think she was so brave throughout the whole situation, and dealt with it well, even though she was broken on the inside.

This book has moved me in so many ways. It is such a well-written, raw, honest, and emotional read, and I felt a bit lost when I came to the end. I well and truly admire and respect Alice Sebold for Lucky, it must have taken tremendous courage to essentially go through the whole process again, re-living it and sharing her story with us. She is a true heroine in my eyes.

This is the last line, which summed up the book for me:

“I live in a world where the two truths coexist; where both hell and hope lie in the palm of my hand.”  





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