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Don’t let her death be in vain.

This is the link to another article covering Natasha’s death and sudden concern over the mental health services.

Some of the comments left on this article I am seeing are so angering , and just goes to show how little people understand about mental illnesses, and why we need to do more to create awareness and help those in need. Mental illness is just as debilitating as physical illness, and shouldn’t be disregarded as otherwise.
It’s sad how her story and loss of life is bringing to light and recognising how much these services are under strain. Let’s not let her death be in vain, and hopefully be instead a wake up call for how much the public needs better mental health services. Cutting back on them has potentially led to this, when it could have been avoided.

We need to end the stigma surrounding mental health, and educate and create awareness of warning signs, symptoms, and how we can help each other. It doesn’t take much to help someone, sometimes it just means a kind listener, a shoulder to cry on, someone to confide in and offer advice.

We need to show the government that mental health is just as serious as physical health, and cutting back on resources to help those in need is leading to more people taking their life as a way out. How many more people do we have to lose from the world for people to start taking it seriously?


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