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Getting a job

Afternoon guys!

So I want to discuss something, and would like your genuine opinions on the matter, and what I should do.

So I’ve been unemployed for about 6 months now due to being forced out of my job, as my employer did not take my mental health conditions seriously, he basically saw it as a joke. Being there for five years I wasn’t treated with the respect and concern like all the other employees. Mention depression and they immediately look at you as if you’re crazy, and laugh in your face.

Even with me opening up – which is extremely difficult to do – and telling them about my depression, anxiety, attempted suicide and self harming, they then proposed me with this: If I did not return to work within 3 works I would no longer have a job.
This is turn set me back even further in my attempts to get better, I went home and cried for hours. That is not even an exaggeration either, I just couldn’t stop. It worried my dad. That day I cut myself the most I had ever done, as deep as I could. I felt worthless.I planned to overdose again, but my mum saw the warning signs and stopped me from myself, and kept a close eye on me, and my parents cleared the house of all medication and hid them from me as a result.

After the weeks were up I decided to resign, feeling pushed out and discriminated against did not make me feel the slightest bit comfortable in returning. I was still adjusting to medication and still very much depressed, so I wasn’t even in the right mental state to go back to work – even my doctor agreed with this. (I’m currently taking them to court with it, but I’ll explain that in another blog post.)

Over the past few months I’ve been applying to numerous jobs, but with no luck. I’m beginning to wonder why. Is my employer giving me bad references? With 5+ years of retail and customer service experience, none of the jobs I’ve applied for that want this, have rejected me. And it’s a kinda kick in the gut.
There’s a point in the process of filling out the application forms, where they ask if you suffer from any long term physical and or mental impairment, or qualify as being disabled under the Equality Act 2010. I answer honestly to these questions, being yes, and yes. Could this be the reason I’m not getting any look in? In being honest? The companies state they don’t discriminate, but I feel like they might be. Do they see someone’s got a physical/mental impairment and disregard them immediately?

Do I lie? Or do I keep answering these questions honestly? Mental health is such a big deal, with such a stigma surrounding it, and this just adds to it, and proves the fact that some aren’t open to it, understand it, and essentially see anyone that does suffer as a right off.
While I am in desperate need of a job, I don’t want to go against my morals, and shove it under the mat. I’m trying to bring these issues to light, but in turn I think I’m losing out on potential work.I don’t want to not be honest and be entirely myself just to get a job. I’m losing hope.

Do any of you have or have had this problem? How do you answer, do you answer honestly? And if yes, what happened next?


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