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Seeing Is Believing

In honour of Dynamo’s live show last night, I wanted to share with you what was probably one of the most fun nights of my life!

So last year early December, I was lucky enough to get the chance to get free tickets to a Dynamo show, through my university course. He was doing a few private, warm-up, rehearsal shows in Manchester, which were not open to the general public. I went on the first day, so was one of the few people that was fortunate enough to see him perform his show for the first time ever.

It blew my mind. It was amazing, honestly. I’ve been watching him for years, and always been a massive fan; anything to do with magic astounds me, and he takes it to the next level and beyond. I remember just sitting in complete awe for the entirety of the show, a smile plastered on my face. His story, and his experiences in life was so relatable, so heartfelt – so raw and beautifully honest.
I think he’s incredible, and it was such an extraordinary show, I don’t care what anyone says about magic not being real. I like living in the moment, and being wowed by something I can’t understand is great. Why want to know how it is done; just sit back and enjoy being lost in the wonder of it all.

At the time I was in a seriously dark place, going through the worst period of depression I’ve ever been in. That night took me away – for once my mind was not clouded with negative and anxious thoughts. That night I smiled and truly had a great time, and enjoyed myself for the first time in months.

That adds to the magic of that night for me. It’s a night I will never forget.






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