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A Poem For Natasha

I wrote this poem in memory of a late friend, if you’ve been here a while you will remember my posts about it.

Shining bright with colour


But tinged with something darker.


Alternative, creative spirit,

You were loved and cared for greatly –

We just wish you were here to see it.


Guilt, sadness, grief

All wash over me.

We may have only talked in brief,

But I wish you would have seen the impact the impact you’d be.


It’s heart-breaking to know you gave up,

 I wish I’d known you were suffering so much.

The state of mental health care is truly fucked

Your death will not be in vain, many hearts you have touched.


We all have our dark days

We all feel lost at times.

I’m extremely sorry you were failed, and taken in your prime.


R.I.P Natasha.


By Nicole Tallow




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