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Depression Awareness Week

I know I’ve been a little quiet myself lately, and that’s because I have just been having a horrible few weeks. My physical health and mental health decided now would be the time to play up and cause havoc with my feelings and general well being, but I’m trying to stay positive! I go on holiday in about 3 days, so that’s what been keeping me happy, having that in mind as something to look forward to, you know? (also means I’ll probably be quiet again on this blog, but I’ll try and queue some posts!)

But yeah, because I’ve been a little out of it, and out of touch with the world, I didn’t realise that this week is Depression Awareness Week.

So I thought I’d just update and share, and open up that I have been struggling, and to say that its’s perfectly okay to. I think the mental health community is such a strong one, despite the fact that sometimes we feel like we’re the weakest links.

We’re not. And it’s only taken me just recently to realise this. A friend that reached out when I hit a very low, suicidal point, said to me that I have been through so much stuff, but the fact that I’m still here proves how strong I am. And I never saw myself like that, and wanted to pass it on to any of you who feel like this at any point. It helped me, and I hope it helps you too.

Knowing that someone you knew lost her battle with depression just a few weeks ago, makes this all the more important. Speak out. Get help. Talk to someone. Help someone. Help each other. Be there for one another. Write, vlog, talk, do anything creative to help the world see suffering from a mental health issue is nothing to be ashamed of. End the stigma, and hopefully – save lives.

Hot Illustrations by Christopher Lovell:


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