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Back from holiday & back to reality

So I’m back from Ibiza after a roller coaster 10 days away. I forgot how beautiful it was, I loved leaving our apartment and walking up the road and staring at the magnificently blue sea. I could stare at it forever honestly, it makes me feel so tranquil! Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces aha. Just take a look at how gorgeous it is:

On the second or third day we watched the sun set. I have never seen a sunset before, and for my first one to be the sun setting over the Ibiza sea – it was breathtaking. I don’t even know why but I got so emotional when it went down; everyone claps and I just started crying my eyes out aha. Take a look though, these are the different stages I managed to capture; it is beautiful.

I was looking forward to this holiday sososo much, but my mental and physical health brought me down. My PCOS, and IBS flared up, and I had a really depressive episode for a few days, where I was seriously about to book a flight home. I don’t know where it came from, I felt awful, and so down; I spent those few days in my room alone, crying and just wanting a cuddle. I couldn’t tell you why though ha, I wish I knew. Depression for ya It lifted over the last couple of days I was there though, so I managed to enjoy them.

I know Ibiza is known as party central, but we go when it’s not in season, and it’s so nice and chilled, it’s peaceful really! We saw our old favourite bar and shop owners from last year that we met, and it was lovely seeing them; it’s like seeing old family, they were very hospital and caring, I love them!

The days where I wasn’t feeling myself I was happy though, and had a great time. I just love being in the hot sun more than anything, it’s where I belong! These are a few more photos of my time there.

Peace out lovelies šŸ™‚



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