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‘Looking for me, Konnichiwa.’

I have to rave about this album; I can’t get enough of it!

I might not look like I’m into grime aha but I love a wide range of music, Skepta being one of my favourite artists.

Konnichiwa, his fourth album, has been highly anticipated for quite some time, but boy, it did not disappoint. There is not a bad song on it, all are punchy, raw, powerful; grime at its core. To me, he is the king of grime. Even with his success he always seems to stay true to his roots, raps about his past, is honest and open and doesn’t let fame get to him. It’s admirable. He rejects the mainstream and is basically a one-man band with this album, impressively writing and producing the majority himself – proving he doesn’t need no help. This man can. This album is the sound of triumph.

My favourite tracks on it currently are: Lyrics, Numbers, and It Ain’t Safe. But don’t get me wrong, they’re all great tracks; I’ve had it on repeat since it dropped. Just the other day he announced an impromptu tour in the UK, and tickets sold out before I could even blink! I am gutted, but I am planning on seeing him at Parklife Festival next month (which I also can’t wait for!)



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