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Mental Health Awareness Week  gives more information about mental health awareness week, and even shares a number with which you can join in on their daily relationships challenge, as well as sending you tips on steps you can take to improve relationships.

I think this is a brilliant idea, and so easy to participate in! We live in an age where almost everyone is glued to their phones and social media, so this is a fun and ideal way of helping you improve and maintain relationships, and creating awareness. You may find it more useful than you think, and could end up benefiting you – even  if you weren’t worried about your relationships.

Being in such a digital age, it can be hard to be in the moment and focusing all your attention in a situation where you are with your family or friends. Put the phone down, or away, or even turn it off for a little while. Be present in the moment and enjoy it. The internet is always going to be there – the people you care about may not. Life is short, and anything can happen, so be there for them while you can. 


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