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Mental Health Awareness Week

So I said in a previous post on the subject, that I would talk about my experience with a bad relationship.

My now ex, possibly the worst one to date actually. It took me being in my darkest days, and finally ending the relationship, that I realised how much of a negative energy he was in my life. Ever since coming out that relationship – I have never been happier. Relationships are crucial to our mental health.

He was very controlling, he’d always tell me what to do, what he thought I should do, and always wanted me to do what he wanted, and didn’t like it when I didn’t. He’d call me names, get angry at me and make me feel bad, guilt tripping me to give over to him and abandon what I was doing for him. Thinking about it now, and writing it down, I feel sorry for myself, sorry that I allowed that kind of behaviour. But I just didn’t realise it at the time.

It was toxic, and I hated him. I still do. Because he was a few years older than me, he treated me like a child, spoke down to me as if I wasn’t capable of understanding things. Which is funny, because  I’m the one studying in university, getting my degree, and he works as a postman and has no qualifications. Can you tell I’m still bitter? Haha.

But seriously, if any of this sounds familiar, or you feel unhappy or bullied in your relationship – really take the time to think and assess it. Talk it out if need be. If nothing is resolved, it’s time to move on. You are worth so much more, and deserve to be happy. Everybody does.


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