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Getting my creative energy back

Good morning! The sun is shining, it’s warm, I’m slowly getting better (again!) and I’m feeling good.

I’ve not written anything for awhile, so when I lose my spark, I tend to just search for some writing prompts, you know, to get the creative juices flowing. I find that they can be really helpful, when I find one that I can click with, the story unfurls in my head and I get that creative burst of inspiration that I love so much.

It feels good to be getting back into writing for myself, just like reading for myself. I’ve spent the last several months so focused on uni work; writing, reading, breathing everything to do with my course, that it’s refreshing for it to be over and get back to me for a little while.

So yeah! That’s what I’ve been up too. The prompt I started spinning a story from was this: ‘you are a mortician selling caskets, but you know when people are going to die.’

I thought it sounded really interesting, and the story I have forming follows a female protagonist, who is, in a sense, like a modern day, living, breathing, grim reaper/angel of death type. I’m having fun with it! I’ve written the first chapter, and it ended up being taken from my own experience, so it was a little personal for me, and I had to stop writing because I got a lil emotional!

But, I’m excited to carry it on and see where it goes, I may post a snippet on here when I’m happy with it 😉

Hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂

I can hear the tap clip, tap clip, tap clip of a typewriter. Yes, I said, I am writing a book.


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