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Hey all, I know I’ve been absent again. I can admit that I have been going down a dark path again, and it probably doesn’t help that I’ve run out of antidepressants for the past few days. 

I used to think the warnings about suddenly stopping them were bullshit. 

Boy was I wrong. 

I’ve been having some heavy withdrawal symptoms; I’ve not been a fun place these past few days. 

My sleep is all messed up, I’ve been having crazy nightmares, I’m dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous, and feeling really suicidal.

I’ve shut myself off from everyone again, and have been keeping myself locked in my room in bed, just lying here wondering what the hell I want to do. 

I’m a bit of a lost soul right now, and I got an important call today regarding the lawsuit against my former employer that I have to so somehow prepare myself for, alone. That resulted in a painful panic attack, and even though when I need someone to help me through my attacks, I’m kinda glad I was alone, so that no one could witness how broken it really made me. 


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