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A pleasant surprise

I’ve talked on here about my uncle before who suffers from severe schizophrenia. To avoid repeating myself I’ll link to that post here: Let’s talk about drugs.

So! My mum told me yesterday that my uncle – her brother – was asking about her, and wanted to talk to her, so her mum gave him her number to call.

He called a few hours ago, and judging from my mum’s voice it was really sweet.

Bear in mind we’ve not seen or spoken to him for god knows how many years, and now he is slowly coming around and opening himself up to his family again.He asked about all of us, and now wants to meet up with my mum in person. The sweetest thing she said was that he said he misses his big sister.

It made me tear up a little; it was really sweet. And it’s nice to know that he still cares, even after all these years. We all just want to make sure he’s alright you know, doing okay. And he seems to be. Although this sudden turn around is kind of worrying me and putting all sorts of thoughts into my head, but I won’t go into that. It’s a baby step but it’s a big step, and I can see how it’s somehow tying the family together just that little bit more.

Neat tattoo idea, but obviously for me, I'd have to see if they could draw a cat in this style:



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