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I’m broken.

What am I supposed to do, when the thing preventing me from happiness, is me?

I don’t know when I became such a fuck up.

Me not being here would solve everyone’s problems. I’m the cause, so, to fix that, I need to be eliminated. I can’t be here anymore anyway. I know I’m a massive advocate for mental health, but I really don’t know if I can go on anymore. I feel like there’s no reason too, when the one thing, the one person that truly makes me happy – is the one that is breaking my heart right now. I can’t. On top of everything else, it just proves to me I can’t live my life. Look how many setbacks I have had. Surely it’s a sign, right? I’m in such a horrible place right now, and all I’ve done is cry. I don’t know how much more crying I can do. My chest physically hurts, and my eyes are sore. The one thing I truly know is that I don’t wanna be here anymore.

Reminds me of the willis in the ballet Giselle. Dennis Pushkin #dark #photography:


3 thoughts on “I’m broken.

  1. Hey Nicole,
    I’m sending you so much love and hugs right now. I won’t say I know how you feel but I have been in a place where it feels like you’re out of options and the only choice you have is to give up on anything. I promise you though, things don’t always need to be this way and if you keep fighting through this then there will be a time when everything feels worthwhile and life seems worth living again. Please reach out and ask for the help and support you need and deserve right now. I’m here if you want to chat.
    Stay strong,
    Victoria X

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