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Hank Green on illness

Just watched this and wanted to share my thoughts and support. Hank Green of Vlogbrothers has just made a video addressing being ill, and especially being chronically ill.

I cannot stress the amount of times people suggest or try and tell me what to do to fix the problem: what to eat, how to think, how to deal with it and that if I do these things, I’ll magically be better.

There is nothing more annoying than that. Like Hank, I’ve learnt to live with my disease. Being an IBS sufferer, over the past few years my life has changed, and I’ve had to make some difficult changes to comply with my well being and health.

I’ve always thought I must have done something wrong to be lumped with a chronic illness, so hearing Hank saying it is not your fault, is something I think that we all need to hear. He puts forward that chronic illness is just weird, random chance; it happens to good people and to bad people, to champion athletes and people who drink too much. It makes you feel like your illness is your fault, that you must have done something to cause it. But it isn’t. You haven’t done anything to deserve or cause your chronic illness. Never feel like you deserve it, and I think those of us that do struggle with coming to terms with it, really need to rally around and support one another.

The link is below to his video:

Take care all 🙂

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