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Marina Joyce

I’ve not blogged for a while because I’ve not been in the best mental state, but I really needed to come somewhere to voice my opinion of this whole crazy Marina Joyce situation. If you haven’t already heard, there are a lot of theories going around the internet from fans saying/thinking she has been kidnapped/abused doing drugs and is suffering with mental problems. This has come from a visible change in her videos over the past few weeks.

In my opinion, I think her fans were just genuinely concerned about her, which is nice don’t get me wrong. But in the midst of the worries that something was going on or that something was wrong, they started speculating and came up with all these crazy theories that probably are not even true.

People are saying it’s a publicity stunt. She said on a live stream herself that the viewers did this as a publicity stunt, but I’m pretty sure she had no part in it. From live interviews she’s been doing with various other YouTuber’s on the situation it’s very clear that she is taken aback and surprised at this whole mess. I think it’s pretty evident that yeah, the fans noticed some things were off and so became growingly concerned, but it’s when they started the theories that this whole thing snowballed out of control and have the whole world talking about it. That is not in her control; it’s beyond her. So I really don’t think it’s fair for people to attack her over it like I’ve seen.

I don’t know her personally or watch her a lot, but she does seem like a genuinely sweet, carefree, happy kinda girl. I can’t imagine what it’s like being in the centre of all of this public speculation. Maybe she is dealing with some mental health issues that are rightly so not disclosed, as that is very personal information and up to her and her family if they want to share it. She is not entitled to tell you guys everything about her, she’s a human being at the end of the day whose privacy should be respected.

It is clear that something may be off with her, but instead of coming up with crazy conspiracy theories and attacking a young girl, we need to be showing and giving her the love and support she needs. She may be feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed at this particular time, and surely attacking and hating on her is the last thing anyone would want. That can be detrimental to a persons mental health, and we need to recognise that. Instead of instantly jumping to conclusions, take a step back and think about you would feel if you were in the same situation. I can’t imagine how stressful it would be. We all have our down days, and those who struggle with their mental health especially understand that in their times of darkness, they need that light, love, and support.

Lets just be there for each other and be a united front. Give the girl the space and privacy she needs and respect it. She has already done a number of interviews and said she is fine, so even if she is not, we still need to respect that and the fact she probably just wants all these crazy accusations to stop.


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