It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Normally you would hear this line and associate it with Christmas! Not me however hah. October is and always been my favourite month, hands down. Autumn is here and the trees are shedding their multicoloured leaves, turning the normally bare paths into colourful, crunchy ones. My favourite knitwear, coats and scarves all come out, ready to embrace the season. I hate the cold, but I love being cosied up in layer upon layer. My god I sound like an old lady!

Aaaaaaaaaand who can forget Halloween?! My favourite day of the entire year, possibly even before my birthday (and I love my birthday). Binge-watching all the horror/halloween films I can find, wanting to scare myself so silly that I fear running that little bit from turning the light off on the stairs and legging it into the living room, certain that there will be something behind me. (Please tell me I am not the only person that still does this.)

It’s just the perfect month, all my favourite things come out and come to life, the shops get in all their dark and creepy Halloween decorations in, and I get crazy excited, grabbing everything that excites me to decorate my room. It is legitimately the only time of the year I buy things to decorate my room with, I live for it. And all things black. And red. You get the gist ha. Let’s not forget the dressing up either, I love seeing everyone’s transformations. This was just an October appreciation post ha, I needed to write about it.


Trees                                                                     Catycat21:



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