Lets do the time warp agaaaain

I am ashamed to admit that I only just lost my Rocky Horror Picture Show virginity on Friday night! I know what you’re thinking, but let me assure you I’ve always wanted/meant to watch it aha, I just never had time or got round to it.

So a month or so ago, me and my best friend saw that the show was coming to town for a Halloween run, and we excitedly rushed and bought tickets.

It. Was. Amazing. One of the best things I’ve ever seen; it was so much fun! Everyone looked fantastic – even the audience looked spectacular – and it was such a visually pleasing and amazing performance the actors put on, the cast was great. Now I know I don’t have anything to compare it to having not seen the original, but for a first – timer it was a pretty great experience, and I think I’m glad that seeing it performed on a stage was my first time. I do plan on watching the original still though, when I do get a bit of free time. Ever since Friday I’ve had Time Warp stuck in my head, but I’m not even mad about it haha. A lot of the songs were surprisingly familiar from having never seen it before, apart from time warp – everyone knows that!

I really enjoyed the actor who played Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furt, he played his part so well and was hilarious to watch. I love how interactive the audience was as well, it was such an enjoyable experience.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Directed by Jim Sharman #film #musical #comedy:


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