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So let’s sing along, a little goddamn louder…

Last week Tuesday I saw my favourite band – Bring Me The Horizon – for the fifth time, doing their first arena headline tour. It. Was. Fucking. Amazing. Seriously.
Every time I’ve seen them live over the years, they’ve gotten so much better, it’s so nice seeing how far a band has come, progressed, and evolved; from playing smaller venues to filling out a huge arena – I’ve never been prouder.
This time was a little more emotional for me, because their recent album That’s The Spirit holds a very special place in my heart. It’s the album that was there and helped me through a particular dark time in my life, the lowest place I’ve ever been. Every song on that album speaks something to me, so much I even have the album artwork tattooed on me.
I know it probably sounds so damn cheesy hah, but I literally don’t have the words to sum up the amount of love I have for this band. I’m an English and Creative Writing student and I don’t have the right words, who woulda thought it haha!
It was such a great gig, they put an amazing show and I enjoyed every minute of it, it has been one of my favourite days of this bleak year.
Below are the only two decent photos I managed to take when I wasn’t jumping around like a maniac haha.


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