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Thank You For The Venom

I don’t know why but I’ve always been so much better at articulating my thoughts and feelings through writing them down, rather than verbally. It’s also therapeutic, it makes me feel so much better just getting it all out of my system, y’know?

So anyway, the family is not even a family in any sense of the word. It doesn’t even feel right using the word ‘family’ to describe them anymore. They don’t hold any sense of what a family is and means now.

Everyone involved in this ‘family’ situation are years older than me. I’m the youngest in it all, but you wouldn’t think it because of they way they are all acting and conducting themselves.
The biggest problem I have is that the person that has the most issues and keeps trying to come at me, won’t come out and say what exactly the issue she has is.
I don’t get it.
At nearly 30 years of age, act like the mature adult you’re supposed to be and say what your problem is, rather than bitching on about it to anyone who will listen and playing the victim card. I don’t have time for it. I don’t even understand it; I’ve had no problem with this person, yet suddenly she’s taken such issue to god knows what, yet won’t admit why or what it is.

No wonder she’s losing everyone around her, there’s a running link in all these different situations, and I don’t think she can see that it’s her.

2016 has been the year where I’ve seen everyone’s true colours and even though it’s been shitty, it’s good to lose the dead weight. Better sooner than later I guess.

(Side-note: Yes, I fully did use an MCR song as the post title. There is still a hole in my heart regarding them haha, that’s another post entirely! But it sums up this perfectly.)

[Image credit by artist Agnes Cecil]

she collapsed  by agnes-cecile:


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