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So yesterday after a few weeks delay, I finally got the marks back for the last assessment I’ve been waiting on, and one of my most personal creative pieces to date that I chose to be assessed.

The assessment took the form of two pieces: a statement of poetics, and the actual creative piece. I didn’t do so hotly in my statement of poetics, but I did decently with my creative piece.

But it’s the feedback on them that is really getting to me. There’s one particular comment on my creative piece that’s niggling away at me. Quick side-note too: when I emailed our lecturer for the module for feedback at the start of the process, even though he was down as our lecturer and took all of our classes, he had the cheek to tell me he had nothing to do with the marking process so couldn’t give me feedback. Imagine my surprise when the marks come out and he has been involved in the marking process. Furious. Call me crazy but I don’t think I’m overreacting here.

Anyway, back to the comment that’s niggling away at me, and shocker, guess who it’s from?! YUP. HIM.

‘you could improve and revise the subject matter and style of the narrative content.’

Bear in mind that this is an experimental piece of writing on experiences in coming off antidepressants. It’s not an easy thing to talk about and it’s not all rainbows and fucking sunshine, so to tell me to revise and improve that straight up offends me, and I’m actually livid. You are what’s wrong with society, I am not about to gloss over the gory details and brush them under the carpet because it is something that needs to be addressed more openly. The fact that he clearly hasn’t understood the piece or chosen to says a lot. I’m actually really upset over it, because this was a piece of work I poured my heart into and wrote about one of the hardest experiences of my life. I know it won’t be for everyone, but that should be no reason for my piece to be marked down.


Leslie Ann O’Dell, illustration I LOVE the colors is this. That blue and pink are awesome together.:


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