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I wandered into Waterstones a few days ago to sort of de-stress myself out a bit. Bookstores have that effect on me – I just feel at home and at peace. It’s quiet, and I’m surrounded by the things I love the most – all my anxieties just melt away and I can easily waste away so many hours browsing around.

I wandered away from the fiction section for  a change and found myself at the ‘smart thinking’ section, where I was instantly drawn to this one book.


I picked it up and read the back, and I’ve honestly never connected with anything so much as I did whilst reading it. Instantly I flipped it back round to the front, opened it up, and just started reading. I don’t know how long I was stood there , but I accidently ended up reading the entire first chapter. I knew I really couldn’t afford to be splashing out on more books, but I also knew I absolutely could not leave without it.
I haven’t been able to put it down since! I’ll come back and do a full review once I’m finished, but this is curently taking over my saturday night haha. Hope everyone has a nice weekend! 🙂


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