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Tale As Old As Time

I had every intention of going to uni yesterday, I swear. I even bought my laptop with me ha. But I met up with my best friend beforehand -who I have not seen since Christmas – and you know when you just get talking, and catching up, and we’ve been talking about seeing the new Beauty and the Beast, so we did just that!

I loved it, I love the fact that it (mostly!) stayed so true to the original film. I was wary – as I am with remakes – but it was done justice beautifully. The cast, the songs, the setting – I teared up so many times during it and cried at the end; I don’t know why it made me so emotional, but it really got to me aha.

There was a beautiful little moment with Le Fou at the end too, which I won’t spoil for anyone that hasn’t yet seen it. But it was a little heatwarming and nice forward move that was done 🙂

I really needed a bullshit, forget about-it-all kinda day, because I’ve been so down and ill lately, and with the scary realisation I might just have PID again and I’m in so much pain – I needed a day like that to take my mind off everything. So I’m so grateful for my friend for taking us out – we both sure as hell needed it.

I’m having a really bad day today, so I’m sat in bed writing and watching Netflix. Sue me. wallpapers - as61-disney-beauty-beast-art-illustration - - disney, illustration:


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