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It’s over! Our Masters of Arts presentation day is finally done with, and a success at that! I’m so grateful and thankful for everyone on the course that took the lead, took charge and helped put together and make the day the success that it was, especially for those like me who were just overwhelmed with the whole process, as well as having to put together and perform.

I was second to do mine, and god was my heart beating out my chest as I ticked down the minutes until it was my turn. So nerve-wracking. I was shaking, and my voice was a lil shaky at times, but I thought I did much worse than I actually did until I watched it back, and listened to everyone telling me it went fine and to stop worrying! I’ve just realised on watching myself back that I have absolutely awful posture haha! But it’s over now, and I’m proud of myself for overcoming it and actually being brave enough to stand up and do it, because I was so close to not turning up at all. So close. The only thing left now is to wait for the marks and feedback back to see if I’ve passed or not! *bites fingers* But I’ll worry about that nearer the time ey, I think I deserve a few days off with a peaceful mind ha.
We were all in the same boat and celebrated the day together and had a nice little (very drunken) night out after; it was a nice end to the day and all the drama that had come before with organising it. I’m proud of us all for surviving it, because we’ve had problem after problem arising with it!
I’m especially happy with myself for getting through it; it took about 10 mental breakdowns and 50 panic attacks haha, but I did it. My mental health is so up and down, so for me to stand up and give a presentation on mental health is kinda monumental for me.




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