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The Beauty of Writing & Another New Decode Chapter Up!

You know what they say – aim to write a little everyday. (I’m looking at you Stephen King.)

Just in the space of about two days I’ve gotten back into the swing of this, working on my short story/mini web series.

I’ve missed writing and seeing the story unfold and play out in your head, so that you’re not even thinking about it anymore and having to struggle to make it up or put it together.

When the storyline and the characters become more and more fleshed out and easier to write, and the story you want to tell – the characters story even – when they have taken over and their story is suddenly pouring out of your fingertips into white space and making it real and readable – that’s the beauty of writing for me.

I’ve just added another new chapter – I couldn’t help myself, I know I only updated it yesterday, but here it is! Decode – A Walk Home

Happy Monday! ❤

I love you in ways you've never been loved, for reasons you've never been told, for longer than you think you deserve and with more than you'll ever know existed inside me.:


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