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G O. A Poem Created by Erasure

If you remember my post on erasure poetics, this will make sense to you! I promised I would share some of the erasure poetry that I’ve created with you so here is Let Me Go, by Christina Rossetti, with the first three words of each line removed, creating a new poem. I decided to just name it Go. So here you go 😉


To the end of the road
Has set for me
Rites in a gloom filled room
A soul set free?
Little, but not for long
Your head bowed low
That once we shared
Let me go.
A journey we all must take
Go alone.
Of the master plan
The road to home.
Lonely and sick at heart
We know.
The things we used to do
Let me go.
Dead my dearest
Songs for me
Roses at my head
Grass above me
Dewdrops wet
Wilt remember
Wilt, forget.
See the shadows,
Fear the rain;
Hear the nightingale
If in pain;
The twilight
Rise nor set,

by Nicole Tallow

The dualism between the body and the soul is just as real as "wave-particle dualism" of the smallest particles... #Science #Consciousness:

Image found on Pinterest.


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