I can’t believe what I watched unfold last night on social media, and the horror continues today. Bomb attack at the end of an Ariana Grande gig at the MEN Arena, a place we frequently go to gigs to see our idols and share a passion for music. A safe place of solidarity, like-minded people who come together to have a good night. Not somewhere a terrifying attack takes place, injuring and taking innocent lives. A scene of horror. 

The city has been on high alert today and some places in lockdown. Places have been evacuated. People arrested. Controlled bomb explosions. 

But at the same time: love. A whole lotta love. The people of Manchester stood together in true, bold force, and it warms my heart at how much love and kindness has poured out, and how everyone has banded together and helped each other in this dark time of need. 

I’ve just found out that the suicide bomber was a student at The University of Salford. My university. My home. I can’t express the shock I’m in at everything that’s happened, and I’m terrified to even leave my house. 

You hear these tragedies elsewhere in the world, and it’s horrible. But when it’s where you live, the place you call home, it hits you harder. I’m in disbelief, and I just want it to stop. The more news I see, and the more I read all the updates, the sadder it makes me. 

My heart goes out to everyone involved, everyone who was hurt, and those who have lost their lives. The majority of the audience were just kids. Families taking their kids to see an artist they love. And they’ve had to witness and go through this absolute horror. Families who dropped their kids off and still haven’t been in contact with them. Nobody should have to go through this. 

But we’re with you. We’re all with you, and we’re all with one another. You can’t break Manchester, that much is obvious, and I love my city for it. We are one. Stay strong Manchester.  


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