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You’ve Got This

Good afternoon all! I know it’s coming to that time where most students dread, panic, and  have sleepless, anxiety-ridden nights over.. yup, results day! So I thought I’d come on here to share my experience, and hopefully provide some hope and comfort!

Five years ago was my A-Level results day. I was more than happy that I’d passed my two favourite subjects – English and Media – but crushed when I saw I’d failed Psychology – the hardest out of my subjects, and the one I’d struggled continuously with the most. That wasn’t even the worst part. Everyone around me was receiving and opening up their emails from their chosen university and finding out if they’d been accepted or not. And everyone around me, including all of my friends, was getting accepted. I opened up mine, and I felt the floor fall from underneath me, and I was dead set that it was the end of the world.

Or so I thought!

After a number of breakdowns and ugly crying in front of everyone haha, with the help, advice, and support from friends and teachers, I was able to apply through clearing, where I immediately got an interview to my chosen university and course, and a couple of weeks later I was accepted! Fast-forward five years, and I’m coming up to the end of a Masters degree, who woulda thought? It’s been the toughest five years and I never saw myself where I am today, at all. But I’m happy and proud of how far I’ve come, along with the hurdles and obstacles I was thrown in the way of too.

It’s really not the end of the world if you don’t get the grades you need or hope for – I didn’t, but I had the grades where it mattered, and more importantly, the passion. There is so many options now and paths to take, that mean you can still follow your dreams.

Life’s what you make it 🙂

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