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Turtles all the way to the UK? 

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but John Green is one of my all time favourite writers and good person in general! I’ve been following him and reading his books for years, loving (mostly) everything he creates and puts out (An Abundance of Katherine’s I’m looking you).

So, if you are a part of the DFTBA community, you, like me, have been eagerly awaiting the news of a new book. It’s been years! Imagine my excitement  when the details for Turtles All The Way Down  were released! Wet myself. I didn’t, but you get the gist of how excited I was hah.

Naturally when I found out there was going to be limited amount of signed copies I knew I needed to get my hands on one, but was disappointed when I found out they were only going to be for U.S and Canadian editions. And a lot of people are getting angry at John about that, but I don’t think that was probably his decision, he does live in the U.S, so it makes sense, and you’ve got to remember publishers play a part in these decisions, so don’t hate him for it. I’ve seen a lot of comments slating him over this, and that’s not fair. Anyway, after a bit of searching through the list of websites he handily lists in his video talking about the new book, you can get it shipped internationally, so not all is lost! Granted it cost a bit of a bomb, but I’ve been waiting years for this, and as one of my main inspirations and writers, it’s totally worth it. I can’t wait till it’s released and I have it physically in my hands! I haven’t been excited over a book release in a long time, so this will be worth it. Don’t forget to be awesome, guys!

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