About me

My name is Nicole, and I am a 23 year old writer, currently living in Manchester, England studying for my Masters in Creative Writing at The University of Salford. I love writing fiction, it normally tends to fall in the YA/NA category. I write flash memoirs, and recently started writing an autobiography on the late Amy Winehouse, which started off originally as a university assignment. I love the experimental form; I write a bit of experimental poetry and love creating visual text in my writing.

The title of my blog is a title of a song from one of my favourite bands (cliché I know!) but I feel like it sums me up perfectly, hence why I chose it.

I suffer from quite a few illnesses, mental and physical, and because of them, they’ve had a several drawbacks in my life, mostly negative. However, without them, I wouldn’t be writing what I write today (if that makes sense), because they say you write what you know. And all I know are my illnesses. But I want to help people with my writing, in any way that I can. I suffer with my mental health a fair bit, and one of my main goals with my writing is to end the stigma surrounded it, and create more awareness and understanding.

In a sense, turn my curses into blessings for others, and hopefully inspire hope, positivity, and creativity!

– Nicole Tallow



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