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Deletionism/Erasure Poetry

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

The Beauty of Writing & Another New Decode Chapter Up!

Decode on Channillo


Who says nothing can be achieved on a Sunday?


New/old Books

The itch for a good book browse

Writing from the heart

Back to basics

Feeling good

Girl on the Train

Second chapter up

First chapter up!

And, we’re live!

Third chapter up of Decode up on Channillo

Getting my creative energy back

Came across this quote in Midnight Bites & fell in love with it. 


That new book smell

I am the ocean, I am the sea: a poem.

A Poem For Natasha

Second Chapter Up!

Web series!


R.I.P Louise Rennison

Happy World Poetry Day! 

Gotten some more writing done on my novel, feeling accomplished!

Buzzfeed Quiz 

The Top 10 Books I Have Had to Read for Uni and Enjoyed!


On writing.

You will go to the paper towns and never come back

Thoughts on Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl

Gimme all the books