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Dissertation/Final University Creative Project

So I’ve finally reached the point, where the end is near. So close, yet so far! The final part of my Masters course, who woulda thought? So! Because I am studying a creative writing course, we were given the option to do a dissertation, or a creative piece. Guess which one I went for! Hah.… Continue reading Dissertation/Final University Creative Project

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ASMR – What helps me through my insomnia: a tip for ‘surviving.’

I always have bad periods of insomnia. It normally hits me when I’m having a stressful time, and/or feeling particularly depressed or anxious. And I just cannot sleep. I’ll lie there running over every little detail in my life, getting unnecessarily worked up. My saving grace when this happens, is listening to ASMR videos. ASMR… Continue reading ASMR – What helps me through my insomnia: a tip for ‘surviving.’

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Deletionism/Erasure Poetry

So, one of the modules I’m on this trimester is called Experimental Practice, and on it we are taught the history of experimental writing and form, the different techniques used, and how to develop our own pieces of experimental, contemporary writing through a range of different creative writing experiments. My course is solely called ‘Creative… Continue reading Deletionism/Erasure Poetry